This list consists of physicians who practice laryngology, who may be known as laryngologists, phonosurgeons, phoniatrists, voice surgeons or at least seem to have a major interest in voice disorders. Their training in voice was likely after completing a residency in ENT or otorhinolaryngology.

The general political considerations of working with many of the people below preclude me from making a recommendation for or against them. It remains your responsibility to evaluate their talents for caring for you. See Choosing your doctor for my best effort at suggesting how I would evaluate the care you receive.

You may suggest a physician to be added to the list.

Dr. Friedrich works at Universität Hospital of Graz, Austria.  

has studied with a number of laryngologists around the world and practices laryngology at Hospital Espanol.

studied with Martin Birchall in the UK. She has an interest in reinnervation surgery of the larynx.

Specializes in laryngology at Bucheon Hospital Soonchunhyang University. He has given good lectures on office procedures. 순천향대 학교 부천 병원 후두 전문. 그는 사무실 절차에 대해 좋은 강의를 해왔습니다. South Korea, Gyeonggi-do, Bucheon, Wonmi-gu, Jung 1(il)-dong, Jomaru-ro, 170

Dr. Richardson studied with a fellowship with Robert Bastian, now specializing in laryngology as Robert Bastian's partner.

a phoniatrist, specializes in voice (with a particular interest in workplace hoarseness) in Vienna, Austria.

practices at Washington Hospital Center and Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC.. She performed a fellowship In laryngology with Andrew Blitzer.  

Performs excellent endoscopy of the larynx. Se especializa en laringología y realiza excelente endoscopia de la cuerda vocal y estroboscopia. Ella estudió laringología con Guillermo Campos.  

tiene un interés en la laringología y prácticas en Hospital Universitario La Paz en Madrid. Ella tiene un interés especial en cuestiones de género de voz.

  J. Pieter Noordzij is a laryngologist at the Center for Voice and Swallowing at Boston Medical Center along with Greg Grillone.  Dr. Noordzij did his fellowship at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN.   

Dr. Rubin is on staff at the University of Michigan. He studied laryngology with Robert Sataloff. He is active at laryngology speciality meetings .  

did his fellowship in Nashville with Dr. Ossoff and practices at OHSU.