This site is my attempt to inform you about voice disorders from a physician's perspective. I have a relatively unique perspective in that I believe that vibrating vocal cords follow the laws of physics and consequently there is not much that is mystical about them. An observer who understand the physics of vibration, aerodynamics, music and combines this knowledge with anatomy, physiology and tissue behavior can diagnose and devise treatment for disorders of the voice.

Human sound creates by these mechanisms is important for transmitting verbal information and emotion from one person to another. 

Feel free to review my diagnostic method for voice disorders. There is also a published guide,  "Why is there a frog in my throat? A guide to hoarseness" at Barnes & Noble or on Amazon.

All of the content on this site, including photos and videos, are available for your use under a creative commons license which allows you to use the content for non-profit or educational purposes at no cost, as long as you attribute it's source.

The information on this site represents my understanding of the voice and is primarily related to my studies, initially with other laryngologists, and then over the years, the self-teaching that goes on from seeing many voice disorders every day. Journal references are provided occasionally, but I have great skepticism about the peer review process perpetuating existing beliefs rather than challenging them. This site has not been peer reviewed (like most websites), as a medical journal would be. There is no advertising on this site. 

And the caveat: this site is specifically not meant to establish a doctor-patient relationship with you. I have an office in Portland, Oregon, United States, where patients wishing to be seen and establish a relationship, may reach me.