Physical exam for laryngology

In an optimal laryngeal examination this consists of three parts.

  1. General ENT exam
  2. Vocal capabilities
  3. Laryngoscopy & stroboscopy

ENT Exam

ENT exam is a general overview of the head and neck region.

Laryngeal Acoustic Testing - Vocal Capabilities

A battery of vocal tasks to elicit voice and record the sound. These are described in detail in Vocal Capabilities. Usually a focused differential diagnosis is possible by this point in the exam. I tend to write down my impression at this point in the exam to learn how accurate my ear is in predicting a pathology.

Endoscopy & stroboscopy

Using information obtained in the history and during the vocal capabilities assessment focuses endoscopy on the likely area of vocal pathology. Details for endoscopically examining vocal cord structure and function are discussed.

Physical examination form

This backpage of my intake form is a guide for areas I typically attend to during an examination.

Dummy image

(Vocal committments) 

This is really a part of the history. I have placed it on this page, the back of my intake form because I have patients fill out the front and this part seems to be difficult for individuals to fill out without additional explanation. This vocal committments section refers to how much time the individual devotes to singing vocal use. I assess how much they sing on their own as well as performance time and type.