Normal vocal cord

ADducted vocal folds

ADducted vocal folds. This is an overview during phonation. The vocal cords have come together and vibrate as air is forced between them making a sound. The surrounding pharynx and tongue then shape the sound.

ABducted vocal folds

ABducted vocal folds. This view is from above with a flexible laryngoscope and is an overview of the voice box. The vocal folds are in this position when breathing in, particularly during a deep breath in or sniffing. This is about as wide as they will open.

Normal vocal cords during adduction

 young female singer in her 20s with normal vocal cords, Viewed during the midportion of stroboscopy and during breathing in.

Normal female vocal cords

  Laryngeal stroboscopy examination using high definition, 90° rigid laryngoscope in a young female. In the examination she goes from low to medium to high pitches and then she glides up and down in pitch. This exam demonstrates particularly well how the cricothyroid muscle stretches the vocal cords longer as she goes up in pitch.  

high and a low pitch

One may compare this person at a high and a low pitch, demonstrating the elongation of the vocal cords that takes place to raise pitch by contracting the Cricothyroid muscles

phonation at a high pitch

During a rigid scope exam, this is the position of the vocal folds at the onset of phonation at a high pitch.