Normal vocal cord


The larynx has been anesthetized and the scope is put into a position nearly touching the vocal cords. At the beginning, you are essentially at the back of this female's vocal cords looking forward towards the front of the neck.


Two different tones, the first in the typical female speaking pitch range - about G3#. The vocal folds are short in length. The amplitude of vibration is wide. Vocal cords are already adducted.


During stroboscopy on a continuous tone at a mid range pitch, the vocal cords are stretched. There is a normal mucosal wave. Thin clear secretions seen dancing on the surface. The vocal cords start in the abducted or breathing position.


Flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy at A5# (very high pitch).
Content: A rather high note with vibrato. The phayrnx is squeezed to create a narrow tube. The vocal cords are stretched.


Female vocal cords vibrating during a stroboscopic rigid laryngoscopy exam. Normal amount of secretions. Small posterior gap between the vocal cords.