Behavioral injury

Subtle smoker's polyp

These smoker's polyps were evident in a female by a speaking pitch which was in the upper male range - E3. The tiny tortuous capillaries are visible against the glassy colored background of the polyp. Compare this with the straight capillaries of a normal vocal cord. Also, the vocal cords are slightly convex even on their medial margin.

Smoker's polyps viewed with Pentax iScan to emphasize blood vessels

Talkative female in her mid 50's who has smoked about 2 1/2 packs per day for more than 40 years. She can barely make her vocal cords vibrate.


Vocal cord nodules are swellings on the vocal cords caused by vocal overuse. They can be visualized with a procedure called laryngoscopy. Dr. James Thomas takes you on a tour of your throat and shows some of the variation of vocal nodules and how they consistently impact or impair the voice.

Smoker's polyps

Smoker's polyps after treatment with partial excision and KTP laser reduction. There is a suture in the left vocal cord that has

Hemorrhagic vocal cord polyp

Speaking at a party, he lost his voice for several days. He thought it was a virus but nis voice never recovered his normal quality, even after 4 months.