Behavioral injury

Capillary ectasias with polyp

Capillary ectasias and a polyp are present on the right vocal cord. Less prominent ectasias are also present on the left cord.

Radiation telangiectasia

Radiation telangiectasias on the vocal cords 10 years after radiation therapy for squamous cell carcinoma.

Ectasia, hemorrhage, polyps on a rock singer

Rather severe changes to vocal cord from vocal overuse in a rock singer. There is a polyp on the left that stands out and prevents complete closure of the vocal cords. There are ectasias on the surface of the vocal cords and within the polyp. At least one blood vessel has ruptured recently on the left.

Capillaries are visible on the edge of the vocal cord during stroboscopy

Dilated capillaries are visible in the middle portion of this female's vocal cords. She is a vocal over doer. She has ruptured the normal capillaries and when they healed, they healed in a tortuous, dilated pattern. The most problematic capillaries of the ones on the edge of the right vocal cord.

Hemorrhage into a vocal polyp on the left

Case study (multiple photos): Nearly 50-year-old female with a hoarse voice for 15 years. The left vocal cord polyp has blood within it. This is visible on the office exam, but more clearly visible at the time of surgery when rigid endoscopes can be placed up next to the vocal cord.

Case study (multiple photos): Radiation telangiectasias. Many years ago this woman had a vocal cord cancer treated with radiation therapy. She has been a horse for the past 15 years. The dilated, tortuous capillaries visible on her vocal cords are very typical in form in nearly every one after radiation therapy treatments to the vocal cords.