Behavioral injury


Smokers polyps or Reinke's edema is caused by the combination of smoking and talking a lot. The voice is very deep because of the size of the polyps. You will see them suck inward when the patient takes a breath. After surgical removal, the vocal cords vibrate at a much higher pitch.


Diagnosing and treating vocal cord polyps by James P Thomas on An example case of a patient with a hemorrhagic vocal cord polyp is covered from diagnosis to treatment. Other examples are reviewed.

Vocal cord nodules during abduction

Elizabeth is in her 20s and began singing about 3 years ago. About 1 year ago, she noted some roughness in her singing voice. She loves to talk and rates herself a 7/7 on the talkativeness scale and a 7/7 on the loudness scale. Here are her vocal cords when I met her.

Small right vocal cord swelling

  James was age 27 when he first came to me for impairment of his singing voice. His singing became more effortful over 3 to 4 years. There was roughness in his upper vocal range. He recently switched from singing baritone, moving to a tenor. . He has a very faint swelling on the right mid-vocal cord. ************************************

polyps during abduction

Translucent vocal polyp on the right vocal cord. There is a reactive swelling on the left. Mucous tends to accumulate on the swellings because they dampen vibration.

Hemorrhagic polyp

With a 20 year history of difficulty singing and recurrent hoarse voice this patient had repeatedly hemorrhaged into their vocal polyps. There is an acute hemorrhage at the time of the first photos. The operating room views show that there are multiple capillaries within the polyps.