Behavioral injury

post intubation granuloma

Granuloma still present five months after an endotracheal intubation.

vocal nodules

These are vocal nodules in a twentysomething vocal overdoer. She works in the food service industry and frequently sings on the job. The images are taken with a KayPentax 70° rigid endoscope at high definition.

Right arytenoid granuloma

Right arytenoid granuloma from vocal overuse with an ulcer on the opposite side. These are located high on the medial margin of the arytenoid.


Doc, what should I do about my vocal cord polyp?


Muscle tension dysphonia is frequently used in two completely different ways in laryngology. I made this film in 2007 to distinguish 2 of the 3 ways the term "Muscle Tension Dysphonia" is used in my profession.


RIgid stroboscopy on person with vocal polyps. Note the onset delays as pitch increases and vocal cords tighten