Functional voice disorder diagnosis course

There is a practical course on functional diagnosis of voice disorders coming up in Barcelona, Spain - Voice Course Barcelona. The speakers are a great group of presenters! 

  • Ferran Ferran Vilà,  ENT and phonosurgeon. Barcelona (Course director)
  • Cori Casanova, Phoniatrician. Barcelona (Course director)
  • Bruno Coulombeau, Phoniatrician. Lyon
  • Romain Perouse, ENT and phonosurgeon. Lyon
  • Markus Hess, ENT, phonosurgeon and phoniatrician. Hamburg
  • Nieto, P. Phoniatrician. Valencia
  • Dalmau, J. ENT and phonosurgeon. Valencia  
  • Botey, Q. Psychologist and voice therapist. Barcelona
  • Jordana, M. Voice therapist. Barcelona
  • Martin, P. Educator and voice therapist. Barcelona
  • Solà, G. Voice therapist. Barcelona

 The difficult part of laryngology is making a diagnosis. This should be a very valuable course for those interested in voice disorders.

Voice course Barcelona