Feminization Laryngoplasty

I presented a short description of some of the work I am doing to modify the comfortable speaking pitch and pitch range of transgender individuals wishing to sound more feminine at the 23rd WPATH Symposium in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on July 20, 2016. It included thoughts on the five procedures currently utilized to alter pitch:

  • Cricothyroid approximation (aka Thyroplasty Type I)
  • Vocal cord webbing (aka " Vocal Fold Shortening with Anterior Commissure Advancement" or VFSAAC, Wendler Glottoplasty)
  • Laser reduction of vocal cords (aka "Laser Assisted Voice Adjustment" or LAVA, Laser Glottoplasty) - typically CO2 laser
  • Laser vocal cord tuning (typically KTP laser)
  • Feminization Laryngoplasty