20th World Congress IFOS - Seoul, Korea

20th World Congress IFOS - Seoul, Korea

The international Federation of Otolaryngology Societies (IFOS) met in Seoul, Korea this spring. The scientific program for laryngology was broad-based and excellent. I particularly enjoyed meeting my colleagues across the world who are working on gender voice surgery techniques. Participating in the energy of Gangnam with an evening dance in the conference hall was one way to sample the flavors of Korea.

Gangnam Dancers Dancing to Gangnam


They have selected Paris as their next meeting location in 2017.


Pitch changing surgeons pushing the frontiers of voice surgery for transgender patients.

Frederic Chabolle,Hyung-Tea Kim, Manfred Cross, James Thomas, Mark Remacle, unknown, Kihwan Hong


Mexico and Venezuela otolaryngologists.

  Diana Murillo-Omuko, Rosalinda Pieruzzini, Héctor De La Garza and Jaime Fandiño


Mostly New Zealanders


From Argentina to Mexico

Diana Murillo-Omuko, James Thomas, Jacqueline Alvrado Medina, Pablo Stolovitzky, Héctor De La Garza


Jacqueline Avarado Medina, James Thomas, Hector Ruiz and Pablo Stolovitzky Diana Murillo-Omuko, Héctor De La Garza and Jacqueline Avarado Medina


Diana Murillo-Omuko

Diana Murillo-Omuko


Former laryngology fellow - Andres Montoya

James Thomas and Andrés Montoya Fuentes


Shigeru Hirano and Diana Murillo-Omuko Pablo Stolovitzky and Jacqueline Avarado Medina



Conference Hall

Sights of Seoul, Korea

Korea Traffic