Murray Morrison is a very thoughtful laryngologist. He offers a fellowship in voice disorders.

Dr. Altman studied laryngology at Vanderbilt and practices in Houston at Baylor College of Medicine. He is active nationally, particularly in the American Laryngological Association. 

emphasizes laryngology in his practice having studied with Murray Morrison.

Specializes in laryngology at the University of Toronto.  

works at the University of Louvain (Belguim) and lectures frequently around the world on the use of lasers in voice surgery.  

trained with Steve Zeitels and James Burns. He practices laryngology in Indiana.

se especializa en laringología.

Dr. Kumar practices at Melody Voice Vlinic, Hyderabad, India and is Chairman and Founder President of The Association of Phonosugeons of India. I have visited and seen his operating skills and they seem excellent. He is trying to promote a laryngologist in every state in India.

se especializa en laringología a la consultorio. Trabaja con Cori Casanova foniatra.  

specializes in laryngology at the University of Cincinnati. His fellowship was at Washington University in St. Louis with Randall Paniello.

works quite a bit with voice implants. He is at Vanderbilt.

practices laryngology in Bogotá, Colombia.He has traveled and studied under a number of other laryngologists. prácticas laringología en Bogotá, Colombia.He ha viajado y estudiado en una serie de otros laryngologists.