The Vanderbilt voice team consists of Bob Ossoff, Gaelyn Garrett, Tom Cleveland and others. They offer fellowship training in voice disorders.

works with voice disorders in Houston and is quite active at national meetings. He is also on the staff at Methodist Hospital.

practices at the Otorrinolaringología, Fonocirugía Y Trastornos De La Voz. He completed a fellowship in voice disorders with James Thomas and teaches in Guadalahara.  

Dr. Cobeta prácticas laringología. He completed a fellowship with Dr. Peak Woo.  

Dr Rosow fellowshipped with Steven Zeitels in Boston in 2010 and now practices in Miami, Florida.

He fellowshipped in voice at Emory University and now practices at Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Chi-Te Wang practices laryngology at Far Eastern Memorial Hospital in New Taipei City, Taiwan. 智德博士王的做法在台湾新北市亚东纪念医院喉科。

Dr. Gniady completed Dr. Zeitels' laryngeal surgery fellowship at Mass General in June 2013. He practices at the Silverstein Institute.

created a voice clinic in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He studied laryngology with James Thomas in 2015.

practices laryngology and has some innovative presentations at professional meetings.

practices at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. He completed a fellowship in laryngology in Nashville.

has studied with Dr. Thomas and performs laryngeal surgery. She also works with transgender patients and their voice.