Antoine Giovanni is at University Marseille (France).

Erkki Bianco works in Paris as a laryngologist and phoniatrist.  

Mónica Saavedra Ortega practices and teaches laryngology in Caracas. I have personally observed her diagnostic and surgical skills and they are excellent.   

has learned laryngology traveling and learning from a number of laryngologists around the world.  

specializes in voice, airway and swallowing disorders at Mount Sinai. He studied in a fellowship at Vanderbilt University.  

Dr Postma specializes in laryngology at the Medical College of Georgia, working a lot with swallowing. He performed a fellowship at Vanderbilt.  

Dr. Verguts traveled and studied with several laryngologists including James Thomas. She opened her laryngology practice in 2012.

Romain Perouse has taken over the practice of Marc Bouchayer in Lyon, France and works in conjunction with phoniatrician Bruno Coulombeau.

Diana Murillo-Omoku practices laryngology in Caracas. She has studied with Michael Johns and Adam Klein in Atlanata. I have been able to observe her surgical skills in person, which are excellent. Ella practica laringología en Caracas. Ha estudiado con Michael Johns y Adam Klein en Atlanata. He podido observar sus habilidades quirúrgicas en persona, que son excelentes.  

Dr. Vokes performed fellowships in Laryngology at the University of California at Irvine and at the University of Washington in Seattle with Allen Hillel.  

Dr. Berke is at UCLA. He has a strong interest in neurologic disorders of the larynx. He has performed a great deal of research on the larynx including developing the denervation-reinnervation surgical procedure for spasmodic dysphonia which appears to be demonstrating successful results. He offers a fellowship in voice disorders.

Dr. Belafsky is at UC Davis and has a rather informative web site. He concentrates on swallowing issues, coming up with many innovative ideas in this area. He performed a laryngology fellowship with Jamie Koufman.