Audio (before-and-after)

Presently this page is limited to audio examples of pitch surgeries. All of the "Before" recordings were made with professional equipment in my office. Many of the "After" recordings were made over the telephone or on the patient's computer and this will affect the audio quality.

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Feminization laryngoplasty
0004 Before and after voice recording
Age: 41
Prior voice surgery: Cricothyroid approximation, Microlaryngoscopy with LAVA, Microlaryngoscopy with web glottoplasty
Year of surgery: 2004
Follow up (in months): 22
Dr. Thomas' comments:

She initially had a complication from a Trach shave where her pitch dropped. She then had several procedures trying to correct this including cricothyroid approximation, vocal cord webbing and a laser procedure. Her initial voice is after all of these procedures.