Audio (before-and-after)

Presently this page is limited to audio examples of pitch surgeries. All of the "Before" recordings were made with professional equipment in my office. Many of the "After" recordings were made over the telephone or on the patient's computer and this will affect the audio quality.

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Feminization laryngoplasty with thyrohyoid elevation, Laser cord reduction
0079 CTA, Feminization laryngoplasty and laser vocal cord debulking
Age: 61
Prior voice surgery: Cricothyroid approximation
Year of surgery: 2011
Follow up (in months): 22
Dr. Thomas' comments:

She had a cricothyroid approximation about 10 years before her first visit which helped for awhile and then her voice faded in pitch and quality. She then had a thyrohyoid elevation which did not change her pitch. 10 years after the thyrohyoid elevation she had a limited feminization laryngoplasty. About 18 months later she had a microlaryngeal laser debulking procedure. Her initial voice recording is after the cricothyroid approximation since that is when I met her and her most current recording is two months after her laser procedure, approximately 2 years after her feminization laryngoplasty.