Audio (before-and-after)

Presently this page is limited to audio examples of pitch surgeries. All of the "Before" recordings were made with professional equipment in my office. Many of the "After" recordings were made over the telephone or on the patient's computer and this will affect the audio quality.

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Feminization laryngoplasty with thyrohyoid elevation
0104 Feminization Laryngoplasty after failed CTA
Age: 32
Prior voice surgery: Cricothyroid approximation
Year of surgery: 2012
Follow up (in months): 2
Dr. Thomas' comments:

She had a previous CTA (cricothyroid approximation) and tracheal shave by another physician. She reports that her voice was higher for one day after that surgery and then she says her voice pitch returned to her male voice.

On my examination, she could not produce any notes below D3 when I first met her, so it is possible that the previous CTA had truncated some of her lower range although it did not affect her comfortable speaking pitch.

At two months after Feminzation Laryngoplasty surgery, she is very pleased and finds it comfortable to speak at a fairly high pitch. With effort she can still produce a sound at D3# (a typical low note for many genetic females). She has some falsetto quality to her speaking voice after the surgeries. This might be from the prior cricothyroid approximation remaining intact. It will be interesting to see what further time brings.