Why is there a frog in my throat? A Guide to Hoarseness

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When something goes wrong with your voice, you might simply say, “I am hoarse.” Your funny best friend might ask with a smile, “Got a frog in your throat?” Then what? Do you rest your voice? Do you gargle? Do you eat chicken soup? Do you see a doctor? Do you pick up a pill at the pharmacy? Which doctor do you see?

Dr. James P. Thomas answers these questions with a series of stories about individuals with different types of hoarseness. The book "Why is there a frog in my throat?" is extensively illustrated with color photos covering the spectrum of vocal cord disorders. As a laryngologist - a physician specializing in the study of the vocal cords - he has become an accomplished medical photographer and includes high definition photos of the vocal cords to illustrate their functioning and what changes when things go wrong.

"Why is there a frog in my throat?" is written both for the consumer, an individual with a hoarse voice, as well as for the young medical student just leaning about how the human body works.

Dr. Thomas has traveled widely, lecturing around the world on how easy it is to understand what is wrong with the vocal cords when we hear a hoarse voice. 
He maintains the website voicedoctor.net as a complementary resource for patients, medical students and young doctors wanting to know more about the voice. The book is now available on Amazon.com.