specializes in Laryngology in the ORL department at the University of Athens, Greece. He studied laryngology with Marc Remacle in Belgium.

practices in the US Air Force in San Antonio

Directs the laryngeal surgery unit in Kaplan medical center, Rehovot / Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. Fellowshipped with Steve Zeitels in Boston. main interest: laser surgery for laryngeal cancer, airway reconstruction and voice restoration.

started practice in Barranquilla, Colombia in January 2005. He has completed a 6 week fellowship in voice disorders with James Thomas.

works at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. He has a special interest in laryngeal papilloma.

has worked quite a bit with vocal cord paralysis and implants.

practices in Thiruvananthapuram at the Kerala Institute Of Medical Sciences and is active in The Association of Phonosurgeons of India.

practices laryngology in Beirut. He hosts a voice conference in the summer. He has published frequently on laryngeal disorders.

Andrew Blitzer is a pioneer in the area of neurologic voice disorders and the use of Botox. He runs the NY Center for Voice and Swallowing Disorders and offers laryngeal fellowships.  

practices laryngology at Medical University of South Carolina.

Dr. Allen trained with Peter Belafsky in California. She has a strong emphasis in swallowing and reflux in her practice.

practices primarily laryngology at his office. He has studied with Robert Bastian and Wolfgang Steiner. He has a nice page with photos on various vocal disorders on his website.