Dr. Johns specializes in laryngology at University of Southern California, having studied with a fellowship at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. His office is well organized for educating his patients about their voice. He performs laryngeal botulinum toxin injections for spasmodic dysphonia.  

Dr. Hyung-Tae Kim practices at the Yeson Voice Clinic in Seoul, South Korea. He has developed a feminizing voice surgery. He is well versed in laryngology.   박사 김형태 서울 특별시, 한국에 예송 음성 클리닉에서 실천. 그는 feminizing 음성 수술을 개발했다. 그는 잘 laryngology에 정통한 있습니다.

Dr. Chang studied laryngology with Dr James Thomas. He has very nice laryngeal photos, as well as other voice information on his site.

Dr. Burns studied under Steven Zeitels. He is at the Mass General Voice Center and is Steve Zeitels' partner.

Dr. Franco is at the Massachutes Eye and Ear Infirmary. He studied laryngology with Steven Zeitels. Active at international meetings of laryngology, he teaches around the world.  

Il travail dans le Service d’ORL & Chirurgie Cervico faciale. Il est très intéressé par les nerfs du larynx. His clinical research into nerve growth is very interesting.

Dr. Smith practices laryngology at the University of Utah.     

Dr. Campos lives in Columbia and dedicates his practice to laryngology. I have heard him lecture on laryngology and he is well spoken.  

James Thomas is the creator of this website. He practices only laryngology in Portland, Oregon. He trained with a number of the laryngologists on this website.  

Dr. Klein completed a voice fellowship with Steve Zeitels in Massachusetts. He has interesting ideas at professional meetings .  

Milan Amin practices at NYU and is well spoken at out national meetings. He completed a fellowship in voice at Wake Forest University with Dr. Kaufman.  

Al Hillel is in Seattle at the University of Washington for many years. He has a special area of interest in neurologic disorders and the use of electromyography. He has offered a voice fellowship in the past.