This list consists of physicians who practice laryngology, who may be known as laryngologists, phonosurgeons, phoniatrists, voice surgeons or at least seem to have a major interest in voice disorders. Their training in voice was likely after completing a residency in ENT or otorhinolaryngology.

The general political considerations of working with many of the people below preclude me from making a recommendation for or against them. It remains your responsibility to evaluate their talents for caring for you. See Choosing your doctor for my best effort at suggesting how I would evaluate the care you receive.

You may suggest a physician to be added to the list.

Dr. Bastian offers a fellowship in laryngology. His insights into the functioning of the voice are superb. He is the originator of the concept of the three part laryngeal exam described by this site and is one of the few laryngologists who listens closely to the capabilities of the voice.

Dr. Zeitels practices at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and is an innovator of new surgical techniques for voice disorders. He offers a research fellowship in voice disorders. He has designed a very nice laryngoscope. His surgical skills are in a class by themselves - he is one of the leaders in the field. He is probably the most knowledgable historian on the field of voice disorders as well. He offers both a research and clinical fellowship in laryngology.

Dr. Sullca Studied voice disorders with Andrew Blitzer and practices in Weill Medical College of Cornell University. I have enjoyed his thoughts at our national meetings. He is director of the Neurolaryngology Study Group. He has put up a very nice website with laryngeal photos nicely arranged. 

Dr. Woo is active at National Meetings and always has interesting new ideas in the diagnosis and managment of voice disorders. He practices in New York City. He has written intriguing articles and book chapters on the voice.  

Dr. Simpson is at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He has innovative ideas in laryngology and extensive experience. 

Dr. Johns specializes in laryngology at University of Southern California, having studied with a fellowship at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. His office is well organized for educating his patients about their voice. He performs laryngeal botulinum toxin injections for spasmodic dysphonia.  

Dr. Chang studied laryngology with Dr James Thomas. He has very nice laryngeal photos, as well as other voice information on his site.

Dr. Burns studied under Steven Zeitels. He is at the Mass General Voice Center and is Steve Zeitels' partner.

Dr. Franco is at the Massachutes Eye and Ear Infirmary. He studied laryngology with Steven Zeitels. Active at international meetings of laryngology, he teaches around the world.  

Dr. Smith practices laryngology at the University of Utah.     

James Thomas is the creator of this website. He practices only laryngology in Portland, Oregon. He trained with a number of the laryngologists on this website.  

Dr. Klein completed a voice fellowship with Steve Zeitels in Massachusetts. He has interesting ideas at professional meetings .