This list consists of physicians who practice laryngology, who may be known as laryngologists, phonosurgeons, phoniatrists, voice surgeons or at least seem to have a major interest in voice disorders. Their training in voice was likely after completing a residency in ENT or otorhinolaryngology.

The general political considerations of working with many of the people below preclude me from making a recommendation for or against them. It remains your responsibility to evaluate their talents for caring for you. See Choosing your doctor for my best effort at suggesting how I would evaluate the care you receive.

You may suggest a physician to be added to the list.

Dr. Chi-Te Wang practices laryngology at Far Eastern Memorial Hospital in New Taipei City, Taiwan. 智德博士王的做法在台湾新北市亚东纪念医院喉科。

Dr. Chen-Chi Wang specializes in laryngology. 王仲祺博士专业喉科。