This list consists of physicians who practice laryngology, who may be known as laryngologists, phonosurgeons, phoniatrists, voice surgeons or at least seem to have a major interest in voice disorders. Their training in voice was likely after completing a residency in ENT or otorhinolaryngology.

The general political considerations of working with many of the people below preclude me from making a recommendation for or against them. It remains your responsibility to evaluate their talents for caring for you. See Choosing your doctor for my best effort at suggesting how I would evaluate the care you receive.

You may suggest a physician to be added to the list.

Il travail dans le Service d’ORL & Chirurgie Cervico faciale. Il est très intéressé par les nerfs du larynx. His clinical research into nerve growth is very interesting.

Antoine Giovanni is at University Marseille (France).

Erkki Bianco works in Paris as a laryngologist and phoniatrist.  

Romain Perouse has taken over the practice of Marc Bouchayer in Lyon, France and works in conjunction with phoniatrician Bruno Coulombeau.

is a phoniatrician in Lyon, France. He studied with Guy Cornut.