High Definition Examinations

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High definition laryngology

High definition laryngology is the combination of equipment and expertise leading to a precise diagnostic view of functioning vocal cords. High technology for imaging the vocal cords includes stroboscopic lighting, chip-on-tip endoscopes, high-definition cameras, digital recording, high definition monitors, high speed cameras and selective color filters. 

High definition techniques allow the examiner to optimize images, regardless if they are obtained with high or low technology or even lower quality equipment. An optimum combination of equipment and technique leads to a cost-effective, high yield and accurate diagnosis for laryngeal problems. It also leads to an improved understanding of how the larynx actually functions normally, producing clear sound both for speaking and for singing. This is high-definition laryngology. 

This handout may help you decide what equipment to utilize or purchase. It will provide you with ideas for new techniques to image the vocal cords and how to think about laryngeal function more precisely.

I am also available to give a lecture to selected groups to accompany this handout.