Structural injury

Laryngeal papilloma in multiple locations

This young man was treated for acid reflux for more than 6 months without improving. He then had a biopsy, removing some tissue from the left vocal cord which showed papilloma. The first picture is when I first met him after the one excision.

Carcinoma of the outside wall of the right aryepiglottic fold

Approximately 70-year-old male who has both smoked and consumed alcohol in the past. He also had a cancer removed from the floor of mouth one year ago. He reported a right-sided sore throat and intermittent referred otalgia to his right ear.

abduction view of the larynx with swelling of the right side

  This 47-year-old female noted hoarseness that started 5-7 years before I saw her. The hoarseness has become progressively worse over the past 2 years. During the past 2 years, she has noted breaks in her voice and an increased effort to make sound.

Tuberculosis of the larynx

  Laryngeal tuberculosis in an ethnic Asian who developed a cough when he returned to his home country for a symposium. He had been treated for laryngeal tuberculosis many years ago. He again had tuberculosis in his sputum and these lesions on his left vocal cord. He was again treated for tuberculosis.

Coccidiomycosis of the posterior glottis

Many years ago he was diagnosed with coccidiomycosis in central California and treated. He then came to my office with shortness of breath and noisy breathing. The coccidiomycosis was growing at the back of his larynx and closing off his airway by keeping the vocal cords from coming apart and also from the mass effect of the coccidiomycosis.