Structural injury


Vocal cord paralysis. I produced this video March 1, 2005 for a conference.

Papilloma of the vocal cords, primarily on the right

A young female who develop hoarseness during pregnancy. The bumpy, red dotted growths on her vocal cord are caused by the virus papilloma. She did not want to have surgery during pregnancy and 4 months later, the papilloma has grown to block off more for airway. She actually can still breathe reasonably well through the small opening.

close-up of papilloma

Papilloma on the left vocal cord at the anterior commissure and within the left ventricle. The red dots are a little vessel loop within each infected cell.

laryngeal papilloma on the right arytenoid

Papilloma of the right arytenoid

Papilloma of the right arytenoid