Carcinoma of the outside wall of the right aryepiglottic fold

Approximately 70-year-old male who has both smoked and consumed alcohol in the past. He also had a cancer removed from the floor of mouth one year ago. He reported a right-sided sore throat and intermittent referred otalgia to his right ear.

leukoplakia on left vocal cord

A white spot - leukoplakia - on the left vocal cord appearing several weeks after removal of a small vocal cord cancer (a squamous cell carcinoma). Because the white patch prevents complete closure of the vocal cord, air leaks around the white patch causing a husky hoarseness.

Squamous cell carcinoma of the right vocal cord

This person developed a hoarseness several years before I saw him and had a cancer of the larynx. We remove this surgically and have been following him closely every few months for any recurrence. At more than a year after removal, the right vocal cord appears normal in structure, although it is stiff during attempted vibrations.