Laryngeal papilloma on the right vocal cord

  She had 8 surgeries for laryngeal papilloma over 24 years. Then for the past 3 years, her ENT kept telling her she had reflux laryngitis. She was not getting better on acid reflux treatment, and came to visit me. She had recurrent papillomatosis.

High-definition Pentax endoscope view of papilloma with false color imaging

  He had two prior decisions of laryngeal papilloma. With the false color imaging available on the high definition Pentax endoscope, the discrete blood vessels within each cell are easy to appreciate.

Papilloma on the left vocal cord

  This single crop of papilloma on the left vocal cord could be confused with a nodule or polyp at a lower resolution. It has not recurred at 6 months after surgery.

multiple papillomas in a young child

  This is a 10-month-old child with extensive laryngeal papilloma. He was seen because of noisy breathing. When he breathed in, the papilloma would suck into his larynx and partially obstruct his airway. He ended up requiring surgery almost once a month in order to maintain his airway.

Papilloma of the vocal cords, primarily on the right

A young female who develop hoarseness during pregnancy. The bumpy, red dotted growths on her vocal cord are caused by the virus papilloma. She did not want to have surgery during pregnancy and 4 months later, the papilloma has grown to block off more for airway. She actually can still breathe reasonably well through the small opening.

Leukoplakia - verrucous keratosis

Leukoplakia of the left vocal cord. 40 years ago he quit smoking after 10 years of cigarettes. He came in with a lesion on his left vocal cord. After one month, the lesion was still there, perhaps a bit larger. It is viewed here with false color imaging to highlight the blood vessels.