Central vocal cord leukoplakia and left vocal process granuloma

A vocal over user who speaks publicly several times per week has developed pain on the left side of his neck for the past month. The pain is from the left vocal process ulceration. He quit smoking cigarettes/tobacco almost 10 years ago.

Exophytic leukoplakia of the left vocal cord

He has used tobacco and alcohol and declined a biopsy of the lesion so I am not certain of the pathology. The leukoplakia is very exophytic and reminds me of verrucous keratosis. This could represent squamous cell carcinoma as well.

Vocal cord leukoplakia

Longstanding leukoplakia. Vocal cords are stiff and voice is husky.

Vocal cord leukoplakia in a smoker with false color imaging

51-year-old who has smoked one pack a day for 30 years and consumed significant amount of alcohol is noted a hoarse voice, throat pain and has coughed up some blood.    The slightly raised area on the center of the right vocal cord is very stiff on stroboscopy.

Papilloma of the vocal cords, primarily on the right

A young female who develop hoarseness during pregnancy. The bumpy, red dotted growths on her vocal cord are caused by the virus papilloma. She did not want to have surgery during pregnancy and 4 months later, the papilloma has grown to block off more for airway. She actually can still breathe reasonably well through the small opening.

close-up of papilloma

Papilloma on the left vocal cord at the anterior commissure and within the left ventricle. The red dots are a little vessel loop within each infected cell.