Fungal laryngitis from Advair inhaler

Chronic use of Advair inhaler along with intermittent doses of prednisone lead to a recurrent fungal laryngitis. The white patches grow on the edges of the vocal cords.

Fungal laryngitis from Flovent

I had seen her 3 months earlier for her tracheostomy tube which had been removed and she had completely normal vocal cords at that point. The swelling beneath her vocal cords is from the previous tracheostomy tube scar. She then developed hoarseness, which I would attribute to using a Flovent inhaler.

Fungal laryngitis on Pulmicort inhaler

She has used steroid inhalers and develops recurrent fungal infections of the larynx. Presently she is on Pulmicort when the current infection developed. She has almost no voice. The vocal cords are very stiff and during stroboscopy the edges do not align.

Coccidiomycosis of the posterior glottis

Many years ago he was diagnosed with coccidiomycosis in central California and treated. He then came to my office with shortness of breath and noisy breathing. The coccidiomycosis was growing at the back of his larynx and closing off his airway by keeping the vocal cords from coming apart and also from the mass effect of the coccidiomycosis.