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Amyloidosis during stroboscopy, Amyloidosis of the vocal cords -Standard definition Pentax VNL-1170K endoscope, Amyloidosis of the vocal cords - High definition Pentax VNL-1590STi endoscope


An approximately 30-year-old female with a family history of females having amyloid deposits in their vocal cords. She has had a hoarse voice for about eight years. She has had two prior vocal cord surgeries to remove some of the deposits.

The amyloid causes stiffness in the vocal cords. I believe that the amyloid is usually deposited after blood vessels rupture. I believe the blood vessels have less strength than usual in this condition and rupture more easily. So vocal trauma is likely to lead to more deposits and consequently stiffer vocal cords with more irregular margins. In the stroboscopy picture where the vocal cords have come together, irregular margins can be seen. This lumpiness along the edge allows air to escape and creates a husky voice.