Papilloma tend to recur

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Laryngeal papilloma in multiple locations, Multiple crops of papilloma, Papilloma growing on the right false vocal cord, Papilloma growing on the right false vocal cord, nterarytenoid papilloma, No obvious recurrence of papilloma

This young man was treated for acid reflux for more than 6 months without improving. He then had a biopsy, removing some tissue from the left vocal cord which showed papilloma. The first picture is when I first met him after the one excision.

The papilloma seemed to grow back pretty fast. We treated it again with surgery. Over 3 years, he has had a total of 5 surgeries.

Sometimes the papilloma seems to grow back fast. There is also the possibility that the papilloma is missed during surgery, so it is actually residual and not a regrowth.

At one point, we noted papilloma growing in the interarytenoid area and because we have recorded all of his examinations, we could go back and see that it had actually been there for some time, gradually growing larger.