Low pitch with medial margin very visible during eversion

Gospel singer with progressive vocal impairment during singing and a deeper voice for several months.  

Hemorrhagic vocal cord polyp, bilobed, on the right vocal court

Two years ago he developed a hoarse voice. His ENT physician told him that he had vocal nodules and sent him to speech therapy. When I met him, here were his vocal cords. My experience is that a hemorrhagic vocal cord polyp usually is the result of a vocal accident. I don't find that hemorrhagic polyps respond to therapy.

Hemorrhagic vocal cord polyp on the left side with secretions sticking on the right

This is a hemorrhagic vocal cord polyp that came on after a cold and a severe cough in a person who is already very talkative with a bit of a raspy voice. She completely lost her voice for several days before it came back as a very rough voice. This first photo is taken with a Pentax chip endoscope at standard definition.

Right hemorrhagic vocal cord polyp

He woke up one day with a sudden change in his voice sounding like he had re-entered puberty. His voice continued to crack and break up. I noted a right hemorrhagic vocal cord polyp on the endoscopic examination. Three months later his voice had improved on its own.


Doc, what should I do about my vocal cord polyp?


RIgid stroboscopy on person with vocal polyps. Note the onset delays as pitch increases and vocal cords tighten