Ectasia, hemorrhage, polyps on a rock singer

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Ectasia, hemorrhage, polyps on a rock singer, Ectasia, hemorrhage, polyps on a rock singer

Rather severe changes to vocal cord from vocal overuse in a rock singer. There is a polyp on the left that stands out and prevents complete closure of the vocal cords. There are ectasias on the surface of the vocal cords and within the polyp. At least one blood vessel has ruptured recently on the left. There is yellow left behind from resorption of the blood.

Chronic vocal injury creates capillaries or small blood vessels that have thin walls, maybe dilated and are likely more easily ruptured. This leads to a bruise within the vocal cord at times. When there is blood in the cord, it becomes very stiff initially. The singer may lose their voice. As the blood begins to be absorbed by the body, the vocal cord will go from bright red, to black, to yellow before returning to its normal whitish appearance.