what is wrong with my voice?

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Hey, I have been having all kinds of trouble with my singing voice, I got a cold,  in June and my voice got a little hoarse, after this cold my voice was fine again, and I use to sing everyday, all day without any problams, a few weeks later we where rehearsing for 2 diffrent concerts, and I got a little hoarse again, then, just after the 1 concert in August, we got a cat. I'm allergic to cats. I took some allergy pills but they did not work, my throat kept getting soarer and soarer. It started to hurt when I breathe and more when I swallowed, the pain just suddenly stopped after a few weeks. This was when I started to feel a lump in the back of my throat, sometimes completely shutting of my air when I take a fast deep breath. I can't sing the top octave of my natural range without forsing my voice and my valsetto is completely gone. My mouth tastes sour and the back of my throat, mostly in the morning.  I constantly cough, I have post nasal drip and when I do cough up something, it is not much. Also my voice feels closed when I sing, it sounds as if I'm singing with a towel or something covering my mouth. Overall it just really affects my singing voice, I feel very uncomfortable when I sing.
Overall symptoms: lump in throat, sour taste, hoarseness, coughing, throat clearing, pain in my throat, trouble with singing, post-nasal drip.
 Please tell me what this is and how I can stop it.