Vocal Nodes

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I came to see you last spring (April 2016) and had a scope done. You diagnosed me with vocal nodes. I am a part time teacher and I direct a children's choir. I am feeling worse vocally than I did a year ago. I am wondering what steps I need to take to recover. I have seen a vocal therapist and am doing therapies regularly, although I live 4 hours away, so regular visits are not feasible. While the therapies seem to help, I feel they are not outdoing the damage I do on a regular basis teaching. I am wondering what the next step is for me. It is important to me to get my singing voice back. I am wondering if taking an extended leave from teaching will allow my cords to heal so I can sing again. I am wondering if surgery is necessary. Would it be helpful to come and see you again to get another scope? I need to take some action, and would like some guidance. Also, perhaps a doctor's recommendation that time off from teaching is necessary for vocal healing. I'm finding it difficult to do my job effectively (elementary music) without my proper vocal function. I am happy to come in for another appointment if you feel it would be beneficial. Please call me if you need any clarifications or additional information. 541-975-3906