Is vocal cord stripping reversible?

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Is vocal cord stripping reversible?
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Hello Doctor Thomas,
after my surgeon suggested to strip my right vocal cord to remove a nodule, I googled the procedure and found your video about it. Now I am a little intimidated. If I let the doctor proceed, will the stuff eventually grow back?
Thanks in advance,
James P Thomas MD
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Dear Dave,

When a surgeon says they're going to strip a vocal cord, that tells me that their technique is quite old and secondly that they do not understand that there is a lubricating layer within the vocal cord between the muscle and the mucosa on the surface that is necessary to produce a good-quality voice. So, for me, if the surgeon doesn't understand the anatomy, I would avoid their surgery. 2 more specifically answer your question, if the lubricating layer is removed, there is no way to replace it. It might be time for a 2nd opinion. I list a number of physicians who specialize in vocal cord surgery at