vocal cord paralysis

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My name is Juan Espinal. I'm 33 years old living in the Brox, NY. I have been diagnosed with one vocal paralized. I have done some research about this complication in which I found some information including your website.
According to one of the Doctors I have seen in NY city, I'm candidate for the surgery and the injection. As a result, I'm doing some researches evaluation of the cost of the treatment as I don't have health insurance at this moment.
If you can be so kind in providing necessary information of how are your procedures so I can evaluate the best convenience treatment for myself.
Your reply will be greatly appreciated.
Juan Espinal
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Submitted by James P Thomas MD on Sat, 2012-04-07 14:17


There are several costs associated with performing a surgery. Some procedures, such as a vocal cord injection, can be performed in the office and then there is only the surgeons cost, plus the material that is being injected. If the procedure is done in the hospital, there will typically also be a charge for anesthesiology as well as one for use of the operating room (which can be very large). In general, you need to call the office directly and find out all of the charges associated with the procedure beforehand. Some surgeries can also be performed in an outpatient surgery center which is often much less expensive than a hospital.


A little research beforehand can save you many thousands of dollars. For example, an office vocal cord injection augmentation might be under $1000. The same procedure performed under general anesthesia in the hospital might be over $15,000.