Vocal abuse.

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Hi Doctor,

Ironically, I am a speech therapist, and I hurt my vocal cords about a years ago working with older population with hearing loss. It has been worse in the past 6 months.
I also have reflux, but no very often, maybe a couple times a week that I am aware of. I also have allergy problem with sinus issues.

My symptoms are:
- pain when talking (especially the second half of the day at work)
- pain on swallow by the end of the day
- pain at rest when it gets more severe (at the end of the week).
- increased mucous on my vocal cords
There is not any change of my vocal quality or intensity though.

I tried vocal function exercises but poor results. I took a 2 week vacation this past month with minimal talking, it got a little bit better; But it got worse again when I went back to work.

My questions are:
Does it sound like contact ulcers?
Any home remedy suggestions?
The reason why I hesitated to go to an ENT is that I know the tx is to stop talking, but I would like to listen to your oppinion.

Thank you very much!