Thyroidectomy - Tracheostomy - Bilateral chords paresis ?

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Dear Mr Thomas,

We leave in Athens, Greece.

My mother Helen,61, mother of 2 daughters and a son, healthy as a bull had a thyroidectomy on October 7 2013 due to several nodules (non cancer).After the surgery she came out really bad.. Doctors said she had thyrotoxic crisis.. she stayed in the hospital for ten days.
Almost the first three months she was whispering having great GREAT difficulty in breathing (you could hear her breathing from a distance).
We went to 4 different doctors and everybody would say that this post surgery situation is normal and will be fixed (!) in time in the next three months (meaning a total 6 from the operation).

But end of January my mother got sick and she had 3 asphyxiation episodes that we were really lucky she didn't die in our hands..
So we went to a 5th Dr who immediately diagnosed her with bilateral chords paresis and suggested tracheotomy. The funny thing is that
the Dr who performed the thyroidectomy insisted not to do the tracheotomy.Finally early Feb we did it and my mother was out of the danger.
But on the other hand we spent almost a month to stabilize her condition with all the catheter procedure (murphy's law..wrong decisions of the Dr for the size and type of the Cuffed Tracheostomy Tube. The tube got off twice in her sleep !!! This whole situation got her so tired that she was honestly like a living dead.

In all of the above, add that early March she had a deep vein thrombosis on her left leg (above her knee) and stayed at the hospital for another 2 weeks making her life miserable...She is under Sintrom medication the last 5 months.

So once she got better with her leg, able to walk , the tracheotomy stable, we went to an other place here in Athens which is specialized on vocal chords issues. They saw through the scope, and for the first time we heard from somebody that after 7 months from surgery the right chord is doing a small movement.We went again just a few days ago and they did not see any improvement.

Dear Mr Thomas,

It will mean the world to my mother if you could share your experience and take a look to the two videos from the scope in May and a few
days ago to the below link i sent you

Is there a chance the chords will get better? Is there a clinic maybe that you could recommend in Europe?

Thank you in advance and congratulations on your fantastic work!

With respect,

Constantinos Piliopoulos