thick scretions and pitch

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I have been singing all my life, and told i have an amazing gift.
I had the vocal range of mariah carey and barbra the last
ten years being dianosed with chronic bronchitis i often suffer with thick
mucus like scretions that seem to sit at the base of my throat like a pocket. doctors have given me inhailers and say i should try speach. i have a vocal coach and even she says there is something theyer not seeing.
when i try to sing i have no pitch in high range.even low vocalizing becomes difficult.
I feel i can be helped because there are days when just for a day my voice seems clear.
i love to sing and just want to enjoy my gift again, what can be done for me.I am 55 years old.
thank you 
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Submitted by James P Thomas MD on Sat, 2012-04-07 13:18


Dear Rose,


An accurate diagnosis would be extremely helpful in resolving your problem. I would suggest that a laryngologist take a close look at your vocal cords while trying to generate sound in the area of your range where you are experiencing problems. With appropriate video equipment, problems with roughness of the voice can be visualized. I do list some specialists at