Sulcus Vocalis - New Treatment !

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Hello Doctor, My name is talb, I'm 21 years old. I've a sulcus vocalis on my (left) vocal cord, I've been suffering from it for about 6 years now, the cause is most likely bad usage of the voice in childhood. I've been visiting a doctor for the past 3 years now, I did injection twice but it didn't help eventhough the sulcus is realy small and is very difficult to locate, but its affecting my voice greatly and it makes me get tired very easily after speaking for few minutes straight and hoarsness is very clear and embarsing for me. My Question :-
_ last year, my doctor told me the best news I ever heared in my life, she told me that they found a treatment for sulcus vocalis, I was thrilled, I asked her what it is? she told me that its a new injection founded in japan and its under experiment right now, she says that this injection contains Growth Hormone and will bring the lost tissue back healing the vocal cords, I'm wondering have you heard about it? and what do you think?

Thanks a lot!