Slow recovery after microlaryngoscopic surgery with KTP laser?

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Hi, Two weeks ago (1/28/15) I had microlaryngoscopic surgery on my vocal cords using a KTP laser to remove two blood vessels, one of which (on the left cord) had been causing chronic vocal cord hemorrhages. Post-surgery I did 7 complete days of vocal rest, then slowly began speaking again on 2/5/15. I have worked up to being able to speak for several hours per day and feel that my voice is slowly growing stronger. However, I am still experiencing pitch breaks and hoarseness, and my voice is lower than normal. (I'm a female.) Today (2/12) I had a follow-up appointment with my surgeon, who did a laryngoscopy and said that things looked OK except for some inflammation still on the left side. He also stated (more than once), though, that he "would have expected [my] voice to be more normal by now" and that for me to still be experiencing hoarseness and pitch breaks was "not normal" and "not typical." My next follow-up is in 5 weeks, and I was instructed to continue speaking normally but not to overdo it and, obviously, to avoid yelling. The thing is that I felt really good and optimistic about my (slow, but steady --- I thought) recovery until my appt. today. Now I'm very worried. Is it really abnormal to not be back at 100% vocal performance 2 weeks after this procedure? Do I need to be concerned that I will not see any further improvement? Is my voice stuck like this or will I continue to heal? I did not feel that I was able to get a straight answer out of my surgeon (or the nurse) and I'm really, really worried now that for some reason something went wrong and my voice is permanently damaged. In your experience, is my recovery abnormal or have you seen cases where people just take longer to bounce back? Thank you.