Regarding voice depth/tone

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Hi Dr, My name is Sarah, 20 years old female and a very passionate singer. I don't have any vocal cord "problems" as i have a very clean and loud voice, but i am desperate to lower my tone and pitch (singing and speaking lower notes with more depth) and i was wondering if the CaHA injection would be the solution to my problem? 
Could you please give me your oppinion?
Kind Regards,
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Submitted by James P Thomas MD on Sat, 2012-04-07 13:02


Dear Sarah,


Pitch is a result of how thick the vocal cords are, although it is the edge of the vocal cord that vibrates more then the body or deep portion of the vocal cord. In a person with abnormally thin cords, some sort of implant can lower the pitch. Typically with a normal sized vocal cord, it is difficult to lower the pitch very much by increasing the mass of the vocal cord further. Unfortunately, vocal overuse (especially when combined with tobacco consumption) tends to increase the fluid beneath the surface of the vocal cord (in smokers this is called Rienke's edema) and presently I don't know of an injection that can mimic this quality. Otherwise training is the most effective way to lower the pitch as well as to improve the resonance of the lower tones by learning how to expand the size of the pharynx.