Question about dried vocals

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Dear Dr. Thomas,
Long story short, I tried to learn to sing and went to a vocal coach for the 1st time and caught laryngitis for a week where I couldn't talk. Everything healed, but lately my throat has been irritated. It seems whenever i talk or attempt to sing, my vocal cords will feel irritated like they are dried out and rubbing together. When I don't talk or sing, everything is fine. The frustrating part it happens at random times. I have visited 3 ENT's who all say my vocal cords look fine and two of them think it's laryngopharyngeal reflux and told me to take Prilosec OTC. I've never had reflux in my life and I just turned 30. They also said I have a deviated septum and post nasal drip may be irritating my throat, but that has never happened in my other 29 years. Everytime I tell them it feels like my vocal cords are dried out and rubbing together at random times when i talk or sing they just dismiss this as if it cannot happen. But when it happens, I drink some water and pineapple juice and may breathe in some steam while resting my voice for a little while and everything is fine. I know you cannot give me a proper diagnosis without seeing me yourself but can you at least tell me:
-Is it possible for your vocal cords to dry out or feel like they're rubbing together with no thin mucus layer when you talk or speak at random times?
-Are these really symptoms for LPR or is it something else?
-How can you properly treat this?
I appreciate you taking the time to read this.
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Submitted by James P Thomas MD on Sat, 2012-04-07 12:55

The answer to your question lies in getting a good examination. You might consider visiting a laryngologist, someone who specializes in vocal cord issues.