noone can help

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I live in the UK and over here they blame reflux for all vocal disorders, I have been unable to speak loudly or with my usual voice due to what originally was blamed on paralysis and is now a bowed vocal chord. I have had expensive medialisation which resulted in no change whatsoever in voice. I am apparently due to have another attempt ,with a plan if it doesnt reboot the chord to have an implant. I am scared to death of the doctors over here as they really seem to just be guessing as to what the cause of my issue is and how to help me permanently. My wife now has similar issue and we both have a 4 month old baby. NEither can sing or read out loud too whatsoever. It brings tears to my eyes just writing it. I have no polyps no liasions my chords are allegedly perfect just one side has suddenly stopped working and caused the chord to bow. maybe viral who their opinion. I wish I was in US right now. Any advice ?