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I live in the UK I am 38yrs old and never had a problem like this in the past but in the last 5yrs I have started noticing comments about the way I sound (People think I am gay when I am not) and it now has developed into such a problem I dont want to speak to anyone I dont know, incase they judge me by the way I sound. I have tried many different techniques to try and alter this but with no success. I have since started a new job and its made things very awkward and have to explain that I am happily married with kids or people just avoid me, this is all judged on the way I sound! Please can you recommend something for me. I have an ENT appointment booked locally but have a big fear that nothing will be resolved and then I am told nothing is wrong!
I know you prob cant diagnose anything without looking but any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
I am now desperate am willing to travel to get this resolved as I have very little faith in the UK medical systems.


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Submitted by James P Thomas MD on Tue, 2012-09-11 11:42

I do list a number of laryngologists on this website who have a special interest in voice. They might be able to be more specific in helping you if your general ENT cannot accurately diagnose the problem. Generally it is good to decide if it is a speech problem or a voice problem first. Then if the issue is a voice problem and if it is a pitch problem, your examiner can help you find out what is causing perhaps a high pitch. In general, shorter and thinner or tighter vocal cords generate higher pitches so that if your voice is inappropriately high, finding the source of the problem and then altering the vocal cords can alter the pitch.