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Dr. Thomas, I have been diagnosed with Emphasyma. I painted cars for 42 years and smoked for the first 20. I always assumed the lump in the throat sensation that I expierence was related to dust and toxins. However I have been out of that enviroment for almost 2 years now. I have sang since Iwas a kid and remember for the most part constantly clearing my throat. I am presently seeing an oratologist whom seems sure my condition is related to reflux. After doubling the dose of nexium and then switching to a double dose of prilosec, I have saw minimum improvement.
I love music and currently do volunteer in Nursing homes. I have lost my voice to hoarsness a couple times on stage. This is to say the least embarrassing and taking away an outlet I really need. I think perhaps the stress of wondering if my voice will hold is making the problem worse. I think your explanation of lump sensation makes sense but somehow I don't think this doctor will aprreciate my self diagnoses. Although I constatly am clearing my throat during waking hours, I do not wake myself or my partner up at sleep clearing my throat. What can I do? Do you know any doctors in the Columbus Ohio area who would be willing to look further than acid Reflux?I would be most grateful! Jimmy
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Submitted by James P Thomas MD on Sat, 2012-04-07 13:00

Dear Jimmy,
I list the doctors that I know on this website -
if you aren't getting better on treatment, that can be because the diagnosis is incorrect. The only way to know what is the cause of losing your voice is to have a good examination. I also talk about how to evaluate the quality of your examination on this website -
Best wishes,
James P Thomas