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Lost Voice
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I had a Anterior Cervical Fusion on C6-7 on 12/12/11. I am 2 weeks post op and I have only a faint nasal hoarse voice.  I was a professional singer. They put me on steriods and today is the last day.  Still, no voice. I can only talk in one pitch and I can't produce any high pitch at all. HELP ME!!

James P Thomas MD
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While it is quite likely that the surgery has injured one of the nerves that control your vocal cords, only an examination can tell you how significant the injury is. I list a number of specialists in voice at http://www.voicedoctor.net/physicians, if you would like to get a more accurate opinion.

It is true that a great many injuries of the nerve improve over time. Only you can decide if you just want to wait and see what happens or would prefer to get a more accurate opinion. Additionally, some of the laryngologists are skilled in placing temporary injections in the vocal cord to temporarily improve the voice while you are waiting for any recovery. These injections may or may not affect the final outcome, but are certainly helpful while waiting.